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June 23, 2011 by Kelley  
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As many of you know, I am always looking for new products that are all-natural and safe to use on my dogs. I especially love products, which are all-natural, safe and good for the environment. This is the combination you get when you buy M&J’s dog essentials.

I am a DIY kind of person when it comes to washing my dogs, they have never been to a groomer, salon or doggie spa. It’s how my budget works out best. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like to spoil my dogs and have them smelling and feeling like they just stepped out of a spa.

I recently received a review sample from M&J Dog Essentials of their Pre-wash, Shampoo/Conditioner and leave in conditioner. All their products are human grade, all-natural with custom made flower-essence blends for a gentle aromatherapy for your dog. One of the things I love about these products are what they’re not, they do not use any parabens or sulfates.

The pre-wash you can put on your dog while they’re dry or wet. It is formulated with soothing vitamins and essential fatty acids. These nutrients help break loose dirt and debris, making shampooing easier and more effective. The pre-wash also helps provide relief to hot spots and dry itchy skin.

I choose to put the pre-wash on Sadie while she was still dry. I put it in my hands and then applied it onto her hair. The pre-wash felt like I was putting lotion on. It smelled amazing, Sadie must have thought so too, because for a change, I didn’t have to bribe her with treats to let me work the pre-wash into her coat.

I left the pre-wash on for ten minutes, the bottle says 6-8, but it smelled so good and Sadie really seemed to enjoy it, so I left it on for a few extra minutes. If your dog has hot spots, extra dry or itchy skin you can leave the pre-wash in for up to 20 minutes.

After I rinsed out the pre-wash it was time to move to the shampoo/conditioner. M&J’s shampoo/conditioner is perfectly PH balanced for your dog. Again the smell was amazing and Sadie didn’t mind getting washed at all. Normally, I have to keep the treats coming in order to bribe her into staying put during her bath.

Because Sadie was enjoying her bath, I took the time to really massage the shampoo/conditioner into her coat. One hint, a little of the shampoo/conditioner goes a long way. Did I mention it smells great? The bottle recommends leaving the shampoo/conditioner on for 3-5 minutes. After five minutes, I rinsed the shampoo/conditioner thoroughly. Although the shampoo/conditioner had been rinsed out Sadie still smelled really good, and she felt great.

Later that night when I was petting Sadie, I realized just how well M&J’s products had worked. Sadie was really SOFT. Not just sort of soft, but amazingly pillow-perfect soft. I just couldn’t believe how good her coat felt. It made me want to keep petting her.

M&J Dog Essentials leave-in conditioner is for in between baths. This product is great for those times when you want to wash your dog but do not have time. Once again, it smells great and is like a lotion when you put it on. It helps reduce dog dandruff and works to keep your dog’s coat feeling soft and full of luster. As an extra bonus the leave-in conditioner helps to protect against the sun and insects.

Sadie and I give M&J’s products Five Paws. Visit M&J Dog Essentials to order your dog products now.

Disclosure: I received complimentary Pre-wash, Shampoo/Conditioner and leave in conditioner for this review; I was not paid for my review and all statements and opinions are my own.


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