Christmas Safety Tips for Your Dog

  With Christmas right around the corner, I thought it might be helpful to give a few tips on how to keep our pets happy and healthy throughout the holiday season. Several of the plants commonly purchased for decorations during the Christmas season are poisonous to pets and children, such as poinsettia and mistletoe. Choose […]

Top 10 Advantages of Getting an Adult Dog

Are you thinking of joining the ranks of the canine enhanced? Ready to take the puppy plunge? Good for you! But before you take a ride down to the puppy farm consider this: puppies aren’t the only options. There are some fantastic advantages for anyone willing to open their home to an adult dog, and […]

Dog Park Survival Kit

Most dog owners enjoy going outside and walking their dogs. I have a small tote I bring with me on my own dog walking outings. Inside my tote I like to keep all of the items I may need. My handy little tote makes it easy for me to get outside without having to search […]

12 Important Dog Emergency Numbers to Know

When you have an emergency situation with your pet every minute can make a difference. I like to be prepared in case of an emergency, you never know when your dog’s life can depend on you having the right information at your finger tips when you need it. You know it is important […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Dog

  Happy Halloween! I thought it might be helpful to give a few tips on how to keep our pets happy and healthy for this fun holiday. 1. Keep all candy away from your dog. Chocolate contains theobromine, which is toxic to dogs and of course sugar is not good for dogs either. It can make them sick. […]

7 Heathly People Foods for Dogs

Food is almost always one sure fire way to get your dog’s attention,  but there are some foods that can have truly monstrous results for dogs. Some foods a dog may like, but should never eat.  So here are some people foods that you can safely share with your four-legged friend.  My dogs, Sadie and Rusty, love these foods and […]

Pet Emergency Travel Kit

This past year we have seen several different types of man made emergency’s as well as natural disasters. These emergency’s had me thinking, if a natural disaster hit here in Chico, would I be prepared? The answer was a resounding no, so I decided to make a pet emergency travel kit. Here is a list […]

Pet Gates

Do you have a puppy? If so you have probably had few things chewed up and maybe a piddle or two to clean up when you get home. One way to help control what gets chewed up and where you will find the next piddle puddle is to use a pet gate to confine your […]

7 Activities For Senior Dogs

  As dogs age it becomes difficult for them to do some of the activities you both may have enjoyed when your dog was younger. For example, running alongside you while you’re riding your bike or jumping up into the back of your pickup truck. However, just because your pooch is experiencing their […]

Boating With Your Dog

Summer time has finally arrived and with it, many of us enjoy going out to the lake with our boat. Several of you are probably considering taking your dog out on the water with you. Taking your dog on the water is fun for both, you and your dog. Boating with your canine companion can […]

7 Tips to Help Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

The dog days of summer are fast approaching; and even though we might have a little time until summer is “officially here,” we’re already experiencing warm to hot days. It’s during these days that pet owners need heightened vigilance to guard their pets from the uncomfortable dangers of the heat. Here are 7 tips to […]

Plants that Repel Fleas

  When choosing what plants to grow in your yard consider your dog. When Spring arrives so will the bugs and among them fleas. Here is a list of plants you may want to consider if you own dogs and want some natural flea repellent. Each one of the plants listed will help […]

I Saw A RattleSnake!

While I was out hiking today I realized another great reason to teach your dog the “Stay” command. We were coming down the trail when I saw a Timber Rattler. He was sunning himself right across the trail. Both Sadie and Rusty had already gone past him before I even realized what I was looking […]

Safe Way to Get Rid of Dog Waste

It can be hard to find a safe way to get rid of dog waste. Disposing of your dog’s waste the green way can help protect your local watershed from disease and pollution, not to mention save you and your pet from painful infections and hazardous parasites. How does your dog’s waste end up in […]

Health Advantages of Pet Ownership

  This is a guest post written by Bobbi from All Dogs Big and Small. Bobbi believes dogs should receive the best possible care and her store has nothing but all natural and healthy items. There are those who question, are we humanizing dogs too much? Expensive outfits, designer collars, organic treats and […]