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Dog Attack – What to do!

Every day in the news you read about people being bitten by a dog. Have you ever thought about what you would do if confronted by a dog ready to bite you? Here is a video that goes over how to react if you are attacked by a dog.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Have you been considering taking your dog to work with you this Friday? Here is a video that will give you a few hints and suggestions to take into consideration before you decide to take your dog with you.

Dog Car Safety Tips

A friend of mine was driving about 45mph when a car cut him off. Don had to hit the brakes in order to avoid hitting the car that had pulled out in front of him. His dog, which had been riding in the back seat hit the windshield and ended up dying. After Don shared […]

Dog Swimming Pools

Yesterday I talked about getting a Kiddie pool for your dog. Today, I am going to cover reasons why you may want to buy an actual dog pool. The difference between dog swimming pools and kiddie pools. Dog swimming pools are more durable, they are more capable of withstanding the high activity level of dogs, […]

Kiddie Pool for Your Dog

During the hot summer months, it is important to have water available to your dog at all times. Sadie and Rusty like to have their drinking water of course, but they also love having access to a small plastic kiddie pool. A kiddie pool works great when you have very limited space in your back […]

Pet Rules

I saw this as an email a friend sent to me. I thought it was worth sharing. Have a good weekend and enjoy! Pet Rules To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door – nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other […]

Hiking With Your Dog

I love to be out in nature. Hiking has always been something I enjoy because it allows me to be outdoors, experiencing nature, and it’s a good way to exercise Sadie and Rusty. Of course, Sadie and Rusty love to go hiking too. If you want to take your own dogs out hiking you will […]

Rusty Howling at the Ice Cream Truck

In this video, you can see my dog Rusty howling at the sound of the ice cream truck that frequents our neighborhood. This is the only time he ever does this. I think it’s hilarious. You can just barely hear the ice cream truck’s music as Rusty howls. He’s such a moody pup.

Dog Walking – Off Leash

Talking your dog for a walk off-leash can be a great way to train your dog. Everyday, I take my dogs out to our local park for their walk. I seldom use a leash while at the park, unless I am working on training a dog, I am pet-sitting. While I am out at the […]