5 Things You Can Add to Your Dogs Food

  1. Fish oil – helps with skin and coat problems, is an anti-inflammatory, aids in brain functioning and eye health. Helps with joint issues, lowering blood pressure, fighting kidney disease, heart disease and cancer. I use the liquid form of Nordic Natural for both myself and my dogs. 2. Coconut oil – helps with […]

Dog Anatomy in Pictures

Here is a great info-graphic by Pet365 Blog which shows the difference between dog anatomy and human. Dog Anatomy graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365 – a UK supplier of dog products. Click here to view the full post.

Canine Plaque-Reducing Products

I was reading an article yesterday on Dogster Warning: Some Canine Plaque-Reducing Products Contain Toxic Xylitol! In the Article Dr. Barchas ends with this statement: I unequivocally recommend that no dog owner use this, or any, product that claims to prevent plaque in dogs. In the best case, you’ll waste your money. In worse cases, […]

Do I need to Vaccinate My Dog

Whole Dog Journal came out with an article called, “Rabies is Still a Deadly Threat.” I agree with them,  over vaccination is a problem. There is compelling evidence which show over vaccination can cause things such as autoimmune diseases, allergies and even cancer! You want to make sure you dog is vaccinated according to what […]

Signs of Dog Bloat – Video Only

  The number two killer of dogs is canine bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). This lethal bloating of the stomach can kill in less than an hour. While there are many factors that can add to a dog’s likely hood of getting canine bloat a dog’s eating habits is the biggest reason. […]

7 Heathly People Foods for Dogs

Food is almost always one sure fire way to get your dog’s attention,  but there are some foods that can have truly monstrous results for dogs. Some foods a dog may like, but should never eat.  So here are some people foods that you can safely share with your four-legged friend.  My dogs, Sadie and Rusty, love these foods and […]

Top 5 Conditions Needing Pet First Aid

Next Saturday I am taking a Pet Tech’s PetSaver Training class. My pets are like my kids. I do my very best to always protect them and keep them free from harm, but just like human children eventually they’re going to get into trouble. It’s my responsibility to know exactly how to respond if they […]

Top 5 Dog Toxins of 2010

Top 5 Dog Toxins of 2010 According to ASPCA some of the most deadly toxins to your dog can be found in our homes and yards. Here is a partial list of some toxins you may not know about. Human medications – medications can cause kidney and/or liver failure and bleeding. Insecticides – we often […]

Rusty’s Bad Day At The Park

Last Tuesday my husband and I took our two pups out for a walk at the local dog park. The dog park has a small lake (more like a mud puddle really), which also doubles as a place for kids to fish. We left the truck and began hiking the path that meanders along the […]

Human Grade Dog Food

Here is an excellently written article by Lucy with The Honest Kitchen about Human Grade Dog Food. There are many dog food companies who claim their food is “human grade” however there are very few that can legally label their food as “human grade.” What dog owners need to know is that dog food manufacturers […]

Dog Diarrhea and My Offended Nose

Between my husband and I Sadie and Rusty get out for a walk pretty much everyday. Sunday, when Chris was out walking  Sadie and Rusty, they found something nasty to eat. Chris told them to leave it but not fast enough it turns out. Fast forward a day to Monday, Chris comes home from work, […]

Why Feed Puppy Food and When to Switch to Adult Food

  This is a guest post written by Lorie Huston, she is an amazing veterinarian who is always willing to share her knowledge with others without reserve. Anyone who has cared for a puppy realizes how quickly they grow. Sometimes, it seems as though you can see them growing overnight. This rapid growth […]

Using Integrative Veterinary Practice to Treat Pet Illness

Guest post by Dr. Patrick Mahaney, VMD CVA My integrative veterinary practice stems from personal experience in managing my own chronic health issues through a combination of Western (conventional) and non-conventional medical perspectives. I have achieved success in improving my well being through an integrative medical approach, I intend for my animal patients to experience similar […]

Dog First Aid Kit

Every dog owner should have a dog first aid kit. One of the problems with many of the first aid kits on the market, they all are missing items that should be included in your dog first aid kit and they’re very expensive for what you get. Here is a list of the items your […]

Rusty’s Paw

I take Sadie and Rusty out for daily walks. They like to explore and just like a child, they sometimes end up with bumps, scrapes or in Rusty’s case, a sore on his pad. Rusty has a minor abrasion on his left front paw. Many times when your dog gets a cut or scrape you […]