Dog Food Review – Pure Woof Gold

My dog Sadie has a very sensitive stomach. I cannot give her pretty much any treats, raw bones, etc. without her getting diarrhea or vomiting. Because of the sensitivity of her stomach, I started to research dog foods. In my research, I found that the majority dog food contains several chemicals and preservatives, which are harmful to your dog. In my opinion, these chemicals and preservatives (found in most dog foods), are responsible for the rise in cancer and many of our dog’s heath problems.

While doing my research, I found Petlane dog food. Petlane makes Pure Gold using100% human-grade food and doesn’t include any chemicals or preservatives in their product. Petlane uses free range chickens, which have not been given hormones. Petlane also tests to make sure no chemicals have been used on any of the ingredients used in their dog food. It has the highest digestibility of all kibbles out on the market. It also has both Sadie and Rusty’s five-paw approval.Sadie and Rusty with their Petlane Dog Food

Since I started feeding Pure Woof Gold to Sadie and Rusty, I have not had to clean up any accidental messes from Sadie.  Pure Woof Gold does not seem to upset her stomach at all.  Petlane’s Pure Woof Gold  does not contain any corn, wheat, or soy, which can cause allergic reactions in dogs. Food allergies account for around 20% of itching and scratching in dogs.

Since switching my dogs to Pure Woof Gold, I have noticed their coats have become fuller, shinier and softer. They have great skin and high energy levels. When I am out at the dog park I have people asking me how I get my puppies to behave so well? I tell them Sadie and Rusty are both six years old. Most people do not believe my dogs are six, they run around and play like puppies.

Sadie and Rusty’s teeth are white with few stains on them. They’re both in great health and neither of them is overweight. I do feed Sadie the weight-management formula because she is an easy-keep. Another advantage of Pure Woof Gold is I do not have to feed as much to my dogs. I feed one cup in the morning and one at night to each dog. One of the best advantages for me is they poop a lot less, and it has a less-offensive odor.

One of the problems with Pure Woof Gold is, it does not contain any preservatives. The lack of preservatives means that once you open a bag it only lasts for about 90 days. So when you order your dogs their Pure Woof Gold be certain you’ve ordered a quantity you can use in a 90 day period.

Petlane has gone out of business, I have changed my dogs food to Orijen which has all the same benefits as Pure Woof Gold. Start your dog on Orijen today.


  1. Just wanted to post & say your website looks great! Enjoy the articles. Pepper (13 yr. old Border Collie) loves her Pure Woof Gold Senior/Weight Management food. It takes only a cup a day to maintin her weight & keep her satisfied. She’s has been on it for 9 months and it has really improved her health. Her coat is healthier & she itches less. Also her teeth are whiter & has better breath. She no longer needs medication for her dry eyes that the vet said would need doctored the rest of her life. She has more sparkle in her eyes than ever. Her energy level is better. The food is easy for her to eat & makes great “treats”. Thanks for recommending this food for her. Love the pic of your dogs sitting by their food!

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