Kong Dog Toys Review

Want a chew toy that is durable and safe? A toy your dog will love to chew? Is your dog’s sanity stretched to it’s limits whenever you leave the room? Get your dog a Kongicon!

In my recent article on Dog Separation Anxiety, I recommend you give your dog a Kong. Here’s a recipe to make your best friend love you even more:

Make a mixture of natural peanut butter and Liver Biscotti. Put the mixture into the Kong and freeze it. It’s that simple.

The next time you leave give your dog the frozen treaty filled Kong and presto you’ll have one elated pooch! Buy two and you’ll always have one in the freezer ready to go.

I give these treats to my dogs on a regular basis. These nifty treats are a great way to help keep your dog entertained and cooled for hours. My dogs, Sadie and Rusty, love getting theirs.

One of the things I really like about the Kong, is its durability. My dogs can chew on it for hours and it does stand up to the abuse. The Kong comes in five different sizes so regardless of your dogs size there is a Kong that’s the right match for your dog.

The only trouble I’ve ever had with this toy happened after I left an empty puppy kong with Rusty. Of course, Puppy Kongs are made for puppies, so perhaps Rusty had outgrown it. Still, he did manage to chew a bit of the end off the toy. It’s never happened since, but now I put the treat mixture inside, which seems to focus Rusty’s attention on getting to the good stuff, instead of gnawing on the end of the Kong.

You can order your pup their very own Kong, Liver Biscotti and Peanut Butter from CherryBrook.com.

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