Why Feed Puppy Food and When to Switch to Adult Food


  This is a guest post written by Lorie Huston, she is an amazing veterinarian who is always willing to share her knowledge with others without reserve. Anyone who has cared for a puppy realizes how quickly they grow. Sometimes, it seems as though you can see them growing overnight. This rapid growth means that [...]

How a Bowl Should be Licked – Cute Dog Pictures


This email I received is so cute I had to share it. I don’t think the puppy in these pictures complained too much about the paparazzi taking these pictures.

Kong Dog Toys Review

Dog Chewing on Kong

Want a chew toy that is durable and safe? A toy your dog will love to chew? Is your dog’s sanity stretched to it’s limits whenever you leave the room? Get your dog a Kong! In my recent article on Dog Separation Anxiety, I recommend you give your dog a Kong. Here’s a recipe to [...]

Soldiers Smuggle Adopted Dog into America

U.S. Army soldier Phil Bourillion and his team adopted a malnourished puppy they found in Afghanistan. They named their puppy Oso. They grew very attached to Oso, but when they received new orders and couldn’t take their dog with them, they hatched an intricate plan to smuggle their pup stateside. It just goes to show [...]

Dogs Tweeting On Twitter?

puppy tweet

Everybody seems to be on the Twitter bandwagon, and I admit it: I am a twitter user myself. Yet just maybe this Internet craze is getting out of control; I just read a article about a device called Puppy Tweets.  Mattel Inc is making the $29 toy so that your dog can post his own tweets [...]

Picking Out a Dog


People often ask me how I ended up with such great dogs. My usual answer is consistency; both my husband and I enact the same rules. For example: To prevent begging at the table neither of us feed our dogs (Sadie and Rusty) while we are eating at the dinner table. Still we often save [...]

Fostering a Puppy/Dog


Have you ever considered fostering a puppy/dog from a rescue or the local shelter? Puppy’s can be a lot of fun and they’re very loving and playful. Puppies will need playtime on the floor. You’ll want to spend time down in their world to make yourself more accessible and help socialize them. Plus they’ll want [...]