Everlasting Treat Ball Review

Do you need a toy that’s capable of standing up to a very rigorous chewer? Then you will want to give Star Mark’s Everlasting Treat Ball a try. This is a toy that can keep most dogs occupied for hours. I know nothing can motivate my two dogs like food. So when I first set eyes on Star Mark’s Everlasting Treat Ball, I knew Sadie and Rusty would love it.

The Everlasting Treat Ball is made from durable, but soft material so it won’t hurt your dog’s mouth. In fact, it will massage your dog’s gums helping to keep his/her teeth strong. Its unique semi-ball shape allows the toy to wobble and roll around on its own giving your dog a chance to chase after it.

One of the reasons I like Star Mark’s Everlasting Treat Ball is the variety of ways it can be filled with kibble, treats, or the treats designed to go into the Everlasting Treat Ball. The ball itself is already a great chew toy, but after you add food to it this toy becomes a very precious commodity to your dogs. When purchased the toy comes with two Everlasting Treats, which snap into each end. Treats are dome shaped and hard enough to resist teeth, they’re like jaw-breakers for dogs.

On occasion, I’ve heard that some clever pups can manage to pop the Everlasting Treat out of their ball within minutes, and if this happens the dislodged treat won’t last very long. Part of the Everlasting Treat Ball’s “treaty longevity” comes from purchasing the right size ball for your dog. If the ball is excessively big, your dog cannot chew it, and if it’s too small he can chew it too easily. The good news is The Everlasting Treat Ball works with Everlocking Treats. Everlocking Treats consist of two treats similar to the Everlasting Treats, but with a hole in the center. The center hole is for a third rod-shaped treat. The rod-shaped treat actually screws the outer two treats together through the center of the Everlasting Treat Ball. This works great and should keep even a voracious chewer occupied for at least a little while.

Yet another option: The hollow center compartment of the Everlasting Treat Ball can be filled with kibble or small dog treats, which I consider one of the best ways to fill the Everlasting Treat Ball. With this option you can choose a healthy all natural treat for your dog.

I recommend the Everlasting Treat Ball as an interactive food toy. However, for those dogs that are moderate to aggressive chewers, the toy works best with Everlocking Treats, kibble or basic dog treats, rather than the Everlasting Treats, which are included when you purchase the toy.

The Everlasting Treat Ball comes in small, medium and large and costs anywhere from $10 to $20. Replacement Everlasting or Everlocking Treats can be purchased in several flavors and sizes for around $3 to $8. If you think your dog would love his/her very own Everlasting Treat Ball, be sure to use the sizing chart below to help ensure you purchase the right Everlasting Treat Ball for your best friend.

Large (5″ diameter) recommended for dogs over 40 pounds

Medium (3.75″ diameter) recommended for dogs under 40 pounds

Small(2.5″ diameter) recommended for dogs under 12 pounds

You can purchase your Everlasting Treat Ball and a variety of natural treats, which I highly recommend at Amazon.com by clicking on the links provided below.

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