How do Invisible Dog Fences Work?


  Here is a guest post written by Paul Glovers who lives with his wife and husky in Washington state and is a freelance writer for Veterinary Assistant Schools, a guide to Vet Assistant careers and education… Dogs enjoy playing outside just as much as their owners enjoy watching them. However, some dogs can get […]

PetBuckle Universal Pet Seat Belt Review

PetBuckle 2

Millions of Americans take their dogs on road trips, day trips and even while running short errands. A survey conducted by AAA and Kurgo asked people about their habits behind the wheel when their dogs are in the vehicle. They found that drivers often engage in risky behaviors: • 59% participated in at least one […]

Kong Dog Toys Review

Dog Chewing on Kong

Want a chew toy that is durable and safe? A toy your dog will love to chew? Is your dog’s sanity stretched to it’s limits whenever you leave the room? Get your dog a Kong! In my recent article on Dog Separation Anxiety, I recommend you give your dog a Kong. Here’s a recipe to […]

Beware Your Toilet Could Kill Your Dog!


Everyone likes to drink out of something clean, but would you drink from a cup that recently contained hydrochloric acid or hypochlorite bleach in it? Your answer should be no! In fact, I’d venture to say it’s common sense to avoid drinking even trace-amounts of acids or bleaches. But exposure to these harmful chemicals is […]

Household Items That are Poisonous or Dangerous to Dogs

Onions are poisonous to dogs

Just as you child-proof your home before the new baby begins to walk, you have to consider that your new dog will go after just about anything in the home. Puppies, especially teething puppies, will want to taste everything, but not everything in your home belongs in your pup’s mouth. Here are some common household […]