Bristle Bone Review


Looking for a durable, long-lasting dog chew toy that cleans your dog’s teeth and your dog will find irresistible? Look no further! The Bristle Bone from Premier Pet Products Busy Buddy line of toys fits the bill.




The Bristle Bone has FOUR different textures that will appeal to any dog. Tough nylon bristled pads offer stiff cleaning surfaces, flexible rubber nubs appeal to the softer mouth, tough nylon ends are durable and can stand up to the most intense chewer, and the edible Gnawhide Rings are tasty and safe.

With built-in bristle and durable rubber nubs, the Bristle Bone Dog Dental Toy is terrific for your dog’s teeth and gums. The Bristle Bone has a rugged easy to clean design intended for strong chewers.

Watch the video and see the Bristle Bone in action! This impressive dental chew toy comes complete with two Gnawhide Rings and two extra refills. Additional gnawhide ring refills are available to buy separately.

The only complaint I have heard about the Bristle Bone is that the nylon bristles can get chewed off by your dog. Of course any toy will get destroyed if given enough time, and I always recommend supervising your pet with any toy to avoid anything unfortunate. My recommendation would be to use this toy after meals as a ten minute treat to help reduce plaque and tartar. I don’t think they designed this toy for use like a Kong for extended entertainment. Always supervise your dog and periodically check toys to make sure that they are staying free from defects. Always dispose of toys that become damaged.

The Bristle Bone comes in several sizes: Small for dogs under 50 pounds Medium for dogs up to 50 pounds, and Large for dogs over 50 pounds.

Don’t forget to add a couple of refill packages when you buy your dog a Bristle Bone! Order your Bristle Bone at today.


  1. Karen Friesecke says:

    thanks for sharing! I’ve never seen this chew toy before & I just might have to pick one up for my Mom’s pit bull, he’ll probably love it!

  2. Your mom’s pit bull will be one happy puppy, dogs really love the Bristle Bone.

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