Dog Park Survival Kit


Most dog owners enjoy going outside and walking their dogs. I have a small tote I bring with me on my own dog walking outings. Inside my tote I like to keep all of the items I may need. My handy little tote makes it easy for me to get outside without having to search [...]

Rusty’s Bad Day At The Park


Last Tuesday my husband and I took our two pups out for a walk at the local dog park. The dog park has a small lake (more like a mud puddle really), which also doubles as a place for kids to fish. We left the truck and began hiking the path that meanders along the [...]

Canine Encounters at the Dog Park


As most of you know I take our dogs out for a walk everyday. It’s important to give your dog daily exercise. Here are some pictures of dogs we met while on our walk. Just goes to show you that I’m not the only one crazy enough to be out walking my pups just minutes [...]

Sadie: She’s Like The Sherlock Holmes of Finding Tennis Balls


Sadie and Rusty love to play fetch. On most days I bring along their “Chuck it” and they get to chase after that ever elusive tennis ball. There are days however, when I prefer to just walk and let Sadie and Rusty entertain themselves. Usually, on these toy-less days Sadie goes to work. Most dogs [...]

Atlanta Airport Has A Dog Park

Love to travel with your pet? Wish you had a place to let them play while waiting for flights? Your four legged companion now have a place to stretch their legs at Atlanta’s airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a new 1,000 square foot fenced-in dog park which is part of the ground transportation center [...]