Canine Plaque-Reducing Products

I was reading an article yesterday on Dogster Warning: Some Canine Plaque-Reducing Products Contain Toxic Xylitol!

In the Article Dr. Barchas ends with this statement:

I unequivocally recommend that no dog owner use this, or any, product that claims to prevent plaque in dogs. In the best case, you’ll waste your money. In worse cases, the product will contain a known poison.

With anything you are going to give your dog you need to check the ingredients. Make certain there are no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, dyes, alcohol, acids or chemicals. I do this for everything I buy for my dogs including their dog food, treats, toys, beds, etc. Verify that anything coming in contact with your dog is safe.

I have to disagree with the author about not using any plaque and tartar control for your pets. If you are a dog owner who brushes your dogs teeth everyday (which we all need to do), then it probably is not as important to put something into your dogs water which will help break down tartar build up. However, if you are like most dog owners (including myself) and only brush your dogs teeth twice a week or less then plaque and tartar control is an important item to have, especially if you own a dog breed which has crowded teeth and are more likely to get plague and tartar buildup which can lead to Periodontal disease.

Rusty at 7 years old

I have used Pet Kiss plaque and tartar control for the last five years. It has: Purified water, zine, vitamin B, vegetable glycerin (not corn derived), and red beet juice extract. It does not contain any preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, alcohol, acids or chemicals. It has no order or taste and my dogs do not notice it at all my dogs teeth are white and clean.


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