Rusty’s Paw

I take Sadie and Rusty out for daily walks. They like to explore and just like a child, they sometimes end up with bumps, scrapes or in Rusty’s case, a sore on his pad. Rusty has a minor abrasion on his left front paw. Many times when your dog gets a cut or scrape you can treat it yourself. If there happens to be a lot of blood or the wound appears to be deep, I would advise taking your dog straight to the vet.

The first thing I did when I noticed Rusty limping was to sit down and have him lay down. I looked at his paw and saw the injury. I made sure the area was clean. In Rusty’s case, I didn’t see any dirt or other debris. If there had been I would have soaked his foot in lukewarm water with Epsom salts for about ten minutes.

Then I used a clean gauze pad to apply some Betadine. You can also just pour a little Betadine directly over the wound itself. When I was finished with the Betadine. I allowed his paw to air-dry.

I put a bandage over the injury using rolled gauze, to keep it clean and prevent Rusty from licking it. After the gauze, I used athletic tape to keep the gauze in place. I also was careful to make sure the bandage was not too bulky, which would make Rusty more likely to try and pull it off.

Depending on your dog you may need to put an Elizabethan Collar on to keep him/her from taking the bandage off. Rusty doesn’t care about his bandage, so I do not have to worry about him taking it off.

Tomorrow I will take the bandage off and check the wound. I will make sure there is no swelling, redness or anything to indicate it has become infected.