Dog Diarrhea and My Offended Nose

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Between my husband and I Sadie and Rusty get out for a walk pretty much everyday. Sunday, when Chris was out walking  Sadie and Rusty, they found something nasty to eat. Chris told them to leave it but not fast enough it turns out.

Fast forward a day to Monday, Chris comes home from work, he works a 10 hour shift plus 40 minutes worth of drive time.  He opened the front door and was accosted by the worst dog poo smell ever. It seemed one or both dogs had diarrhea. Even though 80% of our house is covered with laminate flooring Sadie/Rusty had to have their accident on the area rug in the front room.

If your dog/dogs happen to get acute diarrhea here is a recipe that may help, it worked for Sadie and Rusty.

Boil some chicken, I used boneless skinless.

Cook up some rice, I used brown long grain rice

I mixed the chicken and rice together in about a 50/50 combination. This was what Sadie and Rusty had in place of their regular dog food. I also added a capsule with 3.4 billion beneficial probiotics.

If you need more information about diarrhea Jana Rade from Dawg Business has an excellent series on diarrhea.

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5 Responses to “Dog Diarrhea and My Offended Nose”
  1. I’m afraid I have a lot of experience in this area. it’s funny how dogs like pooping and chucking on carpets, isn’t it? They can be so…particular :p

  2. Kelley says:

    It’s so true, every time either Sadie or Rusty have had an accident it has been on the area rug. They have high standards =)

  3. Jana Rade says:

    Well, makes sense, having diarrhea on the floor might splatter on their feet! LOL Smart dogs … ;-)

    Having a diarrhea after dumpster diving or fending for themselves is quite common. When J.D. does that we put him on 24 hour fast first to get his system settle, then go on the diet as you described. Chicken and rice is most common, but anything bland and easy to digest will do if your dog is allergic to chicken for example.

  4. Kelley says:

    Rusty put himself on the 24 hour fast, Sadie did not. Nice to know how long they’re suppose to fast for. The research I did said about 12 hours, I will increase it to 24 if there is a next time.


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