I Saw A RattleSnake!

While I was out hiking today I realized another great reason to teach your dog the “Stay” command. We were coming down the trail when I saw a Timber Rattler. He was sunning himself right across the trail. Both Sadie and Rusty had already gone past him before I even realized what I was looking at.

The Rattler didn’t even try to move. I think it had just come out of hibernation because I could tell by its breathing that it certainly was alive. Still it didn’t seem to care that we were on its trail and curiously looking on. Ok so I was doing a little more than simply looking. How else was I supposed to get a picture to share in this post.

Since I was taking a more than a casual interest in something, both Sadie and Rusty decided it must be awesome. Why else would Mom and Dad, my husband was with me, stand around and take pictures of something? Sadie and Rusty then decided to turn around and come back to see what we were looking at.

That’s when I told them to, “Stay,” and fortunately due to frequent practice, they both obeyed. I did have to repeat it after about a minute. Yes I spent a couple of minutes looking at a rattlesnake. I blame it on the fact I grew up in the country, and this was by no means the first rattlesnake I have encountered.

This was the first rattlesnake I had encountered that just didn’t feel like moving at all. How could I pass up the chance to get some photos? Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone to take pictures with.

It just goes to show how important the “Stay” command it. You never know exactly when you might need to use it for keeping your dog out of harm’s way.


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