Plants that Repel Fleas


RosemaryWhen choosing what plants to grow in your yard consider your dog. When Spring arrives so will the bugs and among them fleas. Here is a list of plants you may want to consider if you own dogs and want some natural flea repellent. Each one of the plants listed will help to repel fleas from your yard and keep them off your beloved pets and none are harmful.


When planting Rosemary you want to make certain you get the herb plant. The Rosemary Pea or Rosemary Bog are both poisonous to dogs. You can use the Rosemary herb when cooking. It’s one of my favorites to cook with.

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Is another plant that can double as a cooking herb. It repels fleas and other pests. The blooms attract honeybees and butterflies.


A wonderful plant because it can be made into a tea and it repels fleas and rodents when planted in your yard.


A member of the citronella family is great for soups and seafood, plus its oils keep pests at bay.


It repels moths and mosquitoes. I love the smell of this plant when it’s blooming.


Easy to grow and wonderful to smell. Mint spreads aggressively so you may want to grow it in a pot or other container. It also doubles as a cooking herb and makes great tea.

Taking the time to plants some of these around your home can help repel fleas naturally. I enjoy the fact that many of these plants can also double as cooking herbs. I like to dry the Mint leaves and sprinkle them on my dogs’ beds, under the couch, between the couch cushions, or anywhere I want a little more flea repellent.


  1. What a timely article, we were just discussing this 🙂

    The Chamomile entry seems incomplete.

  2. Thanks Jana, I will add a little more to Chamomile.


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