Wag.com Review

What it is:  A company which delivers many dog related products including food, beds, clothes, toys and more.

Manufacturer: Wag.com

Where you can buy it: Wag.com

My review:

If you are like me you may like the convenience of having your pet food delivered right to your front door. Sometimes it’s just easier to have it delivered, dog food can get heavy fast, and with the ease of delivery you don’t have to fight for a parking spot or deal with any lines.

I always order Honest Kitchen online, which has taught me to order my next batch of dog food when I open my last box of Honest Kitchen dog food. This way I know I’ll receive the next batch of dog food before I run out of my current supply. Normally it takes around a week or two for my dog food to arrive, however with Wag.com they offer free two day shipping with orders over $49.

Wag.com offers over 20,000 different pet products, free 1-2 day shipping on orders over $49, 24/7 customer support and a free return policy.

I decided to test their two day shipping claim and ordered a couple of boxes of Honest Kitchen dog food yesterday morning (Sunday.) Ordering was simple and prices were comparable to other online sites I have ordered from in the past. I clicked the button and started the clock. I expected to have to wait a few days for my order to arrive; after all I did place my order on a Sunday, but no, these prompt folks are faster than greyhounds. My order arrived at my front door on Monday morning. Wow!

Another nice thing about wag.com is it is actually 5 different websites. You can order diapers and other baby and child items, household items, groceries, pretty much anything you can think of is on one of their five sites. You can order from all five sites with one shopping cart and have it delivered within a day or two. This is great for anyone who has a super busy schedule or just hates to go shopping.

A big paws-up to Wag.com


  1. Natural natural pet foods incorporate some of the same benefits for your pet as you enjoy from buying natural and organic ingredients for your own foods.

  2. KelleyDenz says:

    I agree, it’s important to make sure you feed your dog high quality food. Garbage in garbage out good food in you’ll have a happy, healthy dog.

  3. I accidentally discovered wag.com when searching for something for my cat online and comparing prices. They had a great sale, so I ordered a 20 lb bag and 24 cans of cat food. I have new kittens that were eating some junky cat food when they came, so I was trying to upgrade them to something better for them….’cept they weren’t havin’ it… I ordered over the Easter weekend, and Monday morning a driver delivered my huge box! Unbelievable! So much better than me having to schlepp a ton of heavy stuff…plus there was no delivery charge!! After trying 8 cans of the canned food, I e-mailed their customer service to see if I could return 16 of the 24, they e-mailed right back (no wait) and said no problem, and sent me a pre-paid UPS label. I just came back from dropping the box off to UPS, and checked my snail mail….A cute personal envelope with a handwritten note from Wag.com thanking me for shopping with them, and sorry the kittens didn’t like the brand I had bought, hoping we can find something to their liking soon! signed “Carvell – Wag.com Customer Care”. THIS is what true customer service is like. I had almost forgotten…but so glad Wag.com hasn’t. I will be using them forever – what an awesome service!

  4. I love wag.com and agree with the previous poster who said that this is what true customer service is like! I have been using them since August and have not had a single problem. Everything arrives quickly and if there’s a problem, returns are free. I recently dealt with Natura Pet and their dog food recall….horrible customer service, will not purchase from Natura again…but called wag.com to let them know how one of their suppliers treated their customers. They offered a refund of my most recent purchase and a credit. I don’t feel wag.com should have to pay for someone else’s mistake, but they did. Initially they offered to pay for all food I purchased (Natura could learn a lesson here), but I felt guilty about that and declined. I also received a handwritten thank you note. What a great company!

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