Dog Food Storage Containers

Are you tired of ripped bags, spilled food and stale kibble. Finding a good way to keep your bag of dog food from becoming stale can be a difficult task. One of the first things to look for when shopping for a food storage container, is a sound sealing lid. Air is the enemy of preservation and therefore, any food storage container must be air-tight. If air is allowed to flow into the container the food will go stale much quicker. Moreover, containers which lack an air-tight seal will attract bugs and animals to the food’s smell, and before you realize it the ants are eating your dog food.

I buy Pure Woof Gold with no preservatives, which means an air-tight container is important to help preserve Sadie and Rusty’s food a little longer. Fresh food tastes better and provides more nutritional value for my pets.

I own two Vittles Vault forty pound stack-able containers. I know what your thinking: Kelley you only have two dogs? True, and they’re not very big dogs (about sixty pounds each). How can they eat enough food to justify owning two Vittles Vaults? Well, Sadie is an easy-keep, meaning she just looks at food and gains weight, so I feed her weight-management food. Whereas Rusty doesn’t know how to stop running and therefore, requires more calories. Two types of foods mean I need two separate containers. I buy each of them their own thirty pound bag of dog food, which will last about two months. Since I started using the Vittles Vaults I no longer have any ant problems and their food remains nice and fresh.

Another positive to owning the Vittles Vaults, is that they’re stack-able. Even though I have two of them, they only take up the space of one, which is a real bonus, especially since my two car garage barely holds our two tiny cars, and that’s about it.

The Vittles Vault has an easy-to-use lid. You just place it on and spin it shut. The spin-on lid is quick, and it allows for a perfect seal every time. The Vittles Vault is available in a variety of sizes so whether you have a Chihauhau or a Great Dane you still can conveniently store your pet’s food. Buy your Vittles Vault today and have your dog food last longer.


  1. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

    Two Little Cavaliers,
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  2. Stopping by to say hello from Pet Blogger Hop! I am so excited to meet new Pet Bloggers thank you for linking up.

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