Walking Your Dog and People Afraid of Dogs

Today while I was walking my dogs at the park, I came across two women who were also walking their dogs. Rusty and Maggie, (one of the dogs with the other women) hit it off immediately. I love it when Rusty or Sadie finds another dog they really like to play with. They burn a [...]

Dog Friendly Events – Why You Should Go


I love attending dog events. Here in Chico there are very few events where your dog is welcome, so when one happens, I love to go participate. Where else will you find other people who love their dogs as much as you love yours? While at the event I like to try and find dogs that [...]

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog


Health Benefits of Owning a Dog A dog is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, dog owners quite literally feel the love. As a dog owner you’re always greeted at the door when you come home. You never come home to an empty house. Kids who own dogs are much less likely to [...]

Dog Walking – Off Leash


Talking your dog for a walk off-leash can be a great way to train your dog. Everyday, I take my dogs out to our local park for their walk. I seldom use a leash while at the park, unless I am working on training a dog, I am pet-sitting. While I am out at the [...]

Mutter’s Day Stroll

Every year the Butte Humane Society puts on The Mutter’s Day Stroll. This year I participated by walking with Rusty, my husband Chris walked Sadie. We adopted both Sadie and Rusty from the Butte Humane Society and are strong advocates of rescuing dog’s from humane societies, rescues, etc. One of the best things about participating [...]

Treatment for Obese Dogs

If your dog needs to lose weight, or you just want to maintain his healthy weight, you may want to work with your vet to develop a weight management program. Your program will consist mainly of a structured diet and an exercise plan. When I was working with my dog, Sadie, to lose weight, I [...]

Dog Walking Etiquette

I have to get out of this neighborhood before dark!

  Sometimes we fail to notice how other people feel. When walking your dog do your best to behave in a courteous manner. Just because we love our dogs doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. Some people may even be terrified of dogs. It is up to responsible dog owners like us, to improve the [...]

Leash Training Your Dog

Dog gurus like Cesar Millan often talk about the importance of a regular dog walking regimen. Walking your dog is: great exercise for both, you and your dog. It’s a good way to socialize your dog. It helps establish a stronger bond between you and your pet, and it can help burn off the excess [...]

Walking Your Dog


Often the New Year inspires us to make a resolution that usually gets ignored by February. My personal favorite promise is to include more exercise in my daily schedule. I always start out with the best of intentions then before I know it, my willpower fails, my priorities change and somehow my resolution to get [...]