Dog Friendly Events – Why You Should Go

I love attending dog events. Here in Chico there are very few events where your dog is welcome, so when one happens, I love to go participate. Where else will you find other people who love their dogs as much as you love yours? While at the event I like to try and find dogs that Sadie and Rusty seem to like playing with. If I notice Sadie and Rusty taking an interest in a person’s dog I try to set up a time when the dog’s owner might be able to meet me at the park and let our dogs play together.

Another great thing about dog events, you don’t have to worry about people being afraid or uncomfortable with your dogs. This is a wonderful way to socialize your dog with all different types of people. For example, at the Chico Canine Carnival last year, Sadie and Rusty met a man in a wheelchair. He had a dog with him and didn’t mind if I let my dogs come up and meet him. At first my dogs were a bit hesitant, because this was their first experience around a wheelchair, but it didn’t take them too long to learn that it wasn’t something to be afraid of.

Dogs need mental stimulation. Getting out to a dog event with a lot of other dogs and people is a great way to engage your dog. Both of my dogs consider it a grand adventure to go to the local dog events, and I must admit I love showing off my dogs, whenever I get the chance. Sometimes I even enter them in the contests.

If you haven’t taken your dog to an event before, I recommend seeking one out and going. You’ll discover that at the end of the day your dog will have had the best kind of mental and physical stimulation making for a very happy and content dog.

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