Dog Walking Etiquette


Sometimes we fail to notice how other people feel. When walking your dog do your best to behave in a courteous manner. Just because we love our dogs doesn’t mean everyone else feels the same way. Some people may even be terrified of dogs. It is up to responsible dog owners like us, to improve the public’s opinion of dogs. Here are some do’s and don’ts for walking your dog.

I have to get out of this neighborhood before dark!


  • let your dog jump up on anyone. (Your dog could knock someone over and hurt them.)
  • let your leash tangle around legs.
  • let your dog wander into traffic.
  • let children pet your dog without parental permission.
  • allow your dog to run loose on private property.
  • allow your dog to chase wildlife or other animals.
  • allow your dog to chase bikes, cars, skateboarders, etc.
  • leave your dog unattended or tie him up for extended periods of time.


  • pickup after your dog (Use biodegradable potty bags.)
  • have your dog sit and wait patiently before receiving any petting.
  • keep your dog safely out of the road.
  • let people know if your dog is friendly.
  • be in charge of your pooch.
  • enjoy yourself!

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