Dog Walking – Off Leash

Talking your dog for a walk off-leash can be a great way to train your dog. Everyday, I take my dogs out to our local park for their walk. I seldom use a leash while at the park, unless I am working on training a dog, I am pet-sitting.

While I am out at the park, we can encounter people riding bikes or horses as well as many other dog owners walking thier dogs. This gives me a great opportunity to work on Sadie and Rusty’s training. I will have them come when I call and sit on the side of the path until the bike or horse goes by.

When we get to benches I will have them do their tricks. I have them jump “over” the bench, crawl “under” it, jump “up” and “sit” on it, “walk” the length of it, and get “down” off the bench. I also quiz them on “sit” and “stay.”

When we get to the water, I work with them on staying once again. I will throw a ball or stick into the water and make them wait until I give them the “go” command before I will let them retrieve it. I will also allow one dog to go get the ball or stick while making the other dog sit and wait.

Of course, I also let Sadie and Rusty run around doing their own thing during part of the walk. I just take advantage of frequent opportunities as they arise to spend a few minutes training while we’re out on our walk.


  1. I like that you emphasized DOING things with your dogs at the park. Many people just go and let them run around and have a good time. But it is the perfect opportunity to remind your dog that even when he is very distracted, you may ask him to come, or sit, etc.

  2. I think walking your dogs off leash is a perfect opportunity to advance your dogs training. If they will come to you, then sit and stay while someone rides by on a bike or horse, you know you have done a good job with your dog. I love all the compliments I get from people about how well trained my dogs are.

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