PetBuckle Universal Pet Seat Belt Review

Millions of Americans take their dogs on road trips, day trips and even while running short errands. A survey conducted by AAA and Kurgo asked people about their habits behind the wheel when their dogs are in the vehicle. They found that drivers often engage in risky behaviors:

• 59% participated in at least one distracting behavior while driving with their dog.
• 55% pet their dogs while driving.
• 31% admit to being distracted by their dog.
• 21% allowed their dogs to sit in their laps.

While it’s fun to take your dog on your travels, it’s important for everyone’s safety, including his, that he be properly restrained with a doggie seatbelt or secured in a crate.

I like the PetBuckle Universal Pet Seat Belt
when I travel with my dogs. This seat belt is crash tested to ensure greater strength and safety! Plus it’s very easy to put on and take off your pet. This pet seat belt can be used with an included tether to allow some movement for your pet, or you can use your vehicle’s seat belt for a secure wander free attachment for your pet. Made by a manufacturer of seat belts this pet seat belt is made with real seat belt material and buckles.

A Pet Safety Belt for your Canine will help:

  • Prevent Car or Truck Driver Distraction
  • Article where dog caused an accident
  • Protect Passengers from Injury in an accident
  • Reduce Injury during travel to your dog
  • Help rescue workers by keeping a dog restrained
  • Minimize risk of your dog bolting when you open the car door
  • It allows you to leave windows open wider for better ventilation

The PetBuckle Universal Pet Seat Belts is made with automotive grade components and are tested using the same equipment used to test restraints found on commercial trucks, child restraints and school buses.

The Seat Belt adjusts to fit any dog 10lbs up to 200lbs so there’s no guessing: It will fit your dog. Just slip the Pet Seat Belt over the head of your dog and buckle. It’s easy to put on and take off; This belt’s simplicity leaves you with no excuses not to use it, because it’s quick and there’s no need to re-adjust or re-size.

The adjustable length tether, which is included if you order the complete travel set, makes it easier to buckle and allows more freedom of movement for the dog. Even though you sacrifice some safety, the dog will be more comfortable if he can turn around and lay down. The tether also provides multiple vehicle attachment points, including the Latch bar system, seat belt and cargo area. It releases with the simple push of a button. You will need the longer length to compensate for the added height if you use a booster seat for your dog.

The only drawback to the PetBuckle I have seen, it sometimes slips down. Easily fixed by making certain it is adjusted correctly for your dog.

It took Sadie a couple of times of using the seat belt to get use to it. Once I associated the seat belt with going to the park she was much happier to see the seat belt come out. And now she comes over and sits in front of me so I can put it on. Rusty thought it was fine was the first time I put it on him.

The PetBuckle Universal Pet Seat Belt can also be used as a walking harness for short distance. This versatility is very useful for potty stops while on the road. Just attach your leash to the seat belt and lead Fido out of the car for those quick potty breaks on the road.

The only downside I have found to the PetBuckle Seat Belt is that it can slide around on your dog. I have had to re-adjust it a couple of times to get it back in place.

Dog Car Safety Tips

  • For optimum safety, your dog should be buckled in the back seat. Never put you dog in a seat with an airbag unless the air bag is turned off.
  • Never attach a tether to a collar.
  • I recommend using PawTag in case your dog bolts from the car during an accident or he gets scared.

There are two harnesses to choose from:

Small Breed Size
fits dogs 20lbs or less, you’ll need to order the Tether separately.

Universal Size
One size fits all dogs 10 pounds and up

*There are some extremely small and extremely large dogs that will not fit into PetBuckle products.

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