Sadie: She’s Like The Sherlock Holmes of Finding Tennis Balls

Sadie and Rusty love to play fetch. On most days I bring along their “Chuck it” and they get to chase after that ever elusive tennis ball. There are days however, when I prefer to just walk and let Sadie and Rusty entertain themselves. Usually, on these toy-less days Sadie goes to work.

Sadie-ballMost dogs like to have a job. It helps a pup feel like their a contributing member of doggy society. Sadie has made it her job to find balls on the days I choose not bring one. She’ll sometimes find a ball even on the days I already have one. Sadie is a ball finding machine, and on occasion she’ll even finds toys other dogs have lost. Every time I decide to let them be dogs and simply experience the area where we regularly walk, Sadie will inevitably find a ball and bring it for me to throw.

Since nobody works for free, I always take her finding and throw it a few times to reward her. When the ball gets slimy, I usually let her carry it back to the truck. She never minds, she’s a professional.

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