Dog Bath Time

Does your dog hate baths?  Don’t worry you’re not alone, my dogs weren’t fans of the experience either, but now they actually look forward to bath time. Let me share what brought about this transformation from fear and loathing to pleasure and enjoyment.

The first thing I changed was my own perception on their bath time. Dogs can sense your mood. If you’re not looking forward to giving your dog a bath, then your dog will pick up on your subtle mood changes. If you think of it as a chore so will your dog and he won’t be thrilled about doing the dog bath thing either. Think of the bath as a training opportunity and play time and act accordingly, your dog will sense how you’re feeling and get excited.

Next, bring out the treats, I like to use an all natural treat like Cheese Please. Your dog is motivated by food. If he’s standing still and behaving during his bath, let him know. Give him a treat for volunteering to jump into the dog bath. Give him another treat for standing still. Then give him a treat when the bath is over. Treats and praise are huge motivators for your dog.

Avoid getting shampoo in your dog’s eyes. You don’t like it so why would your dog. Avoid water in the ears and be gentle around sensitive areas such as paws, under the tail and the mouth.

Also use an organic and allergen free dog shampoo so your dog’s skin feels great. Other assets for improving your dog’s bath time include a pet washer, which has a hose to put the water where you need it. It attaches easily to your bath spout or a dog bath.  Using a pet washer or a dog bath will make the process of washing your dog much more enjoyable for you too.