Canine Encounters at the Dog Park

As most of you know I take our dogs out for a walk everyday. It’s important to give your dog daily exercise. Here are some pictures of dogs we met while on our walk. Just goes to show you that I’m not the only one crazy enough to be out walking my pups just minutes before it’s going to start raining.

Zoey is showing Rusty how to sit pretty.

Sissy is deciding weather or not she wants to chase after Rusty and Sadie. Sissy likes the ivy and purple flowers.

Rusty and Ziggy saying “hello”.

Paul tells Sumba his 5 month old puppy to sit (What a good puppy?). Rusty is trying to mooch a treat off Paul.

Cocoa on her way to say hello to everyone.

Sumba, Rusty, Sadie and Cocoa playing after it started to rain.

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