Pogo Plush Review

I bought Rusty and Sadie the Pogo Plush toy a few days ago. For those of you who read my blog regularly you already know Rusty has a thing for destroying any toy with a squeaker. He believes it’s his mission to destroy all squeakers. However, when I examined the Pogo Plush I thought it might stand up to Rusty’s vigorous chewing.

The Large Pogo Plush ™ Ball from Premier has a plush sheepskin outer, which is soft on your dog’s mouth. For me this is important because I often throw my dog’s toys for them to catch. I do not want a toy that could damage their mouth.

Under the plush sheepskin outer is an internal rubber cage that protects a squeaker on the inside and creates a unique bounce back effect! The rubber cage provides an unpredictable bouncy, which drive my dogs crazy. I also like that it has a free-floating squeaker that will give your dog hours of fun. Because the squeaker is free-floating it’s tough to pin down and dogs have to constantly mouth the toy in order to get the satisfaction of making it squeak.

My dogs adore it, persistently making it squeak and squeak, toss it up in the air, catch it, and make it squeak yet again. It’s tough and durable and fun.

One thing I didn’t like about the Pogo Plush is because it has a squeaker my dog’s squeak, squeak, SQUEAK, until I have to take it away from them. Not too big of a deal I just take it away when I want some quiet and give it back to them when I’m ready to watch them play.

The Pogo Plush squeaky toy is very durable, because it has an inner rubber frame, instead of stuffing, and a free-floating squeaker! I love it because there’s no mess, and my dogs love it because it still squeaks! Get one yourself and see what your dog thinks.

You can get Pogo Plush Balls in small or large sizes. Even the bigger one works great for the little pups, because the toy remains pretty light. Your dog will LOVE this fluffy, fun, and interactive chew toy.

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