PetStep Folding Pet Ramp Product Review

PetStep Folding Pet RampTo help stave off arthritis and hip dysplasia pain in my two dogs, I’ve been using the Folding Pet Ramp by PetStep for the past six months. My dogs are both only six years old, but arthritis is a developmental disease, and I want to reduce the strain on their joints now rather than wait until they start to develop problems.

I believe this ramp is the best on the market for use with pickup trucks and SUV’s. It’s probably a bit bulky for most cars. When it’s open its long, wide and sturdy. The sturdiness and size of the ramp encouraged my dogs to trust it quickly, which made training them to use it easier. The ramp can support up to 500 lbs, but only weighs 18 lbs. It measures 70″ long and 18″ wide when unfolded: 37″ long when folded. The ramp is lightweight, but because of it’s overall size it’s a bit awkward when folding and unfolding. If you’re not careful you can get your fingers pinched. (Although, if you keep your hands on the handles you can avoid that particular sting.)

Like I said, the ramp is sturdy, my dogs learned to use it after one short training session, and now they wait patiently until the ramp is in place before rushing in or out of the truck. The ramp’s surface is covered with comfortable rubber ridges. Unlike sandpaper these ridges are safe for your dog’s paws and won’t fall off. The ramp is so comfortable that my dog’s take turns standing on it when we’re out driving around town.

Typically priced over one-hundred dollars this ramp is a bit pricey, but it’s a quality ramp. It’s easy to clean and will not rust or corrode, so it will last and probably will be a one-time purchase. Remember arthritis and dysplasia pain are among the most common health problems that develop in our canine companions as they age. It makes going places more difficult and doing the things they once did a chore, and if you’re not careful it will transform your lively on-the-go pooch into a tentative and depressed shut-in pooch. If your interested in purchasing a PetSTEP Folding Pet Ramp you can find some of the best pricing on

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