Dog Beds – All Natural and Dog Approved

I admit it: my dogs are spoiled. I go out of my way to make sure they are comfortable, but my home  has laminate flooring. Laminate flooring is durable, easy to keep clean and nice to look at, but it’s cold and hard as cement. I think there’s a doggie hell where it’s the only thing pooches are allowed to sleep on. Of course, the solution for my canine family was to add dog beds. I’ve had dogs all my life and there are a few discoveries’ about dog beds that I need to share. Why not learn from my mistakes?

First of all, not all dog beds are created equal. Dog beds leave the store clean, poofy and soft, but then our dogs get them and they become flattened, lumpy, stinky, and torn. This metamorphosis is bound to happen, these are dogs after all. However, if you buy a higher quality dog bed it could last years instead of months. A good dog bed should be manufactured with care and attention to detail. It also should be assembled from durable materials that are both all natural and pet friendly.

This dog bed is fantastic. Its cover is washable, removable and made from allergen-free hemp grown without pesticides. Helping to make the bed’s upkeep easier, its covers are pre-shrunk and pre-washed. Plus because hemp is extremely durable, mildew resistant, antibacterial and antifungal it’s probably the ideal choice of material for the cover. Stylishly striped and available in a variety of colors, these dog beds are very esthetically appealing. This is important, because if it’s ugly – I don’t want it on my floor.

Adding to the attractiveness of this dog bed, the crew at Harry Barker have manufactured it without using AZO-Dyes. What’s an AZO-Dye? Let me briefly explain, without getting too scientific. AZO-dyes are usually used as vivid coloring agents, especially reds, oranges and yellows. AZO-dyes can release aromatic amines, which are mutagenic, carcinogenic, and sometimes allergic. Also these dyes are non-biodegradable making them difficult to remove from our ecosystem. The European Union recently banned products manufactured using AZO-dyes. The bottom line for you and your pooch – don’t make your dog sleep on this stuff.

Inside Harry Barker Pet Bed are inserts. These inserts are filled with hypo-allergenic “green fiber.” What’s a green fiber? Green fiber is made out of recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. So instead of filling up a landfill somewhere this material is getting a new life as the filling inside these dog beds. To help keep the fiber where it belongs and avoid clumping and lumping the inserts are channel quilted. This is pure genius that your dog will love.

Harry Barker even thought of the environment when packaging these dog beds. They are packaged in sustainable materials that are 100% biodegradable. Made from durable, green materials, and built to last these Hemp Dog Beds will make a big impact on your dog’s comfort while supporting a green company.

Buy your Harry Barker Pet Bed today and your dog will be thanking you for years to come.


  1. in our local pet shop there are lots of dog beds that are made in china. i don’t know if they are of good quality.~~,

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