Pet Stain Removal X-Tract Review

Eventually, even the best trained dog will have an accident. The resulting stain becomes a blemish that stands out like a beacon on my carpet or favorite chair. I’m left with two options, buy new or clean it up. Buying new is too expensive, so I guess I really only have one option.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using X-Tract from Synergy Labs to clean up any fabric related messes. It works well and leaves behind a nice citrus smell. I blot up what I can, then I use the X-tract. I have only used X-Tract to clean up pet messes on my carpet, but according to Synergy Labs it will also work on upholstery, hard floors and is capable of removing crayons, scuffs, lipstick, markers and ink.

One of the best things about X-Tract is how deeply it cleans. If you use it the way the label recommends you can actually, eliminate the enzymes that only your pet can smell. Normally, it’s these stubborn enzymes that are responsible for encouraging pets to continue soiling the same area. This soiling behavior is called over-peeing. Over-peeing is when a dog or cat smells urine and, in an act of dominance, pees to mark the area as their territory.

Synergy Labs claims that X-Tract is X-tra Safe, and when I check the ingredients, I don’t see anything that’s super terrifying. When in comparison to other similar cleaners it’s probably very safe, but I still wouldn’t recommend washing your face with it.

Whether you’re combating an over-peeing behavior or cleaning up some incrementing lipstick stains. I think once you use X-Tract you’ll agree that it’s a valuable addition to your cleaning supply arsenal.  Buy X-Tract today.  Click on any X-Tract link or click on the picture.

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