Getting woken up in the morning!

Do your dogs come and wake you up in the morning demanding to be fed or taken out for their morning walk?

Sadie and Rusty started to think they should get fed before my alarm would go off in the morning.  Sadie would come over to where I was sleeping and put her face right into mine and administer me a solid dose of doggie morning breath. If that didn’t work she would  start pacing on the laminate floor and eventually the click-clack, click-clack of her nails against the floor would get me up.

At first I gave in to her, but then I realized she was training me and by getting up and feeding her I was reinforcing this unwanted behavior.  What I’ve done instead, and it seems to be working, is to make her wait to get her breakfast.  I normally get up and feed Sadie and Rusty first thing.  I think that’s what started the unwanted behavior, now I feed them at various times.  I sometimes make them wait 30 minutes one day then 10 minutes the next and so forth.

Since I made the adjustment, I haven’t had Sadie’s dog breath waking me up prematurely.  I still feed them twice a day, but now I get to feed them on my terms. Now all I need is a way to avoid my husband’s morning breath.


  1. I have just found your website. Wow, this is exactly what my boxer mixer does to me every morning. I don’t get home until 1am and so I really want to sleep until at least 8am to get the proper rest. Hamilton has other plans though, every morning around 5:30am he stands by the bed, and when I won’t get up he barks continuously. I admit, I have trained him to do this by giving into his demands. How long will it take to break him of this? – I can hardly function anymore I am so tired.

  2. I really cannot say how long it will take Hamilton to learn not to bark. Each dog is different and some can learn in the matter of a few days others can take much longer. The trick is persistence and not giving in to Hamilton’s demands. Do not give Hamilton any attention while he is barking, even yelling at him is giving him attention. If you have to, move Hamilton to another room and lock him in there so you can get better sleep. Again do not give in to his commands he will learn eventually every time he barks he is separated from you. I would recommend a bathroom. Also be certain that you do not feed him first thing when you get up. Take care of your own personal needs first, eat breakfast, do your hair etc. Remember, in a pack structure the dog who eats first is in charge.

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