Dog Training – Teaching Your Dog Not to Beg

Why is it some dogs beg every time you grab the smallest of snacks, while other dogs barely even notice when you’re eating? It’s all in the way you train your dog and when you offer your dog their treat.

When I brought Sadie and Rusty home from the humane society, I decided to try to avoid teaching them any bad habits. One of those bad habits I wanted to avoid, was teaching them to beg for food when I eat. This is much easier to train than you would think. It takes more discipline on your behalf than on your dog’s.

The key to training your dog not to beg for food while you are eating is simple: don’t give you dog any food while you’re eating. If you really want to give your dog what you are eating, make sure you give the treat before, or after you eat. This way your dog won’t be associating getting food during the times when you are eating. I do not recommend you give them a treat every time you eat, which could cause your dog to become obese.

I also vary the time when I offer my dogs their treats, for example, I almost always give them their treat after I have finished eating. Sometimes I give them the treat right after I am done, other times I’ll wait for a while before giving them their treat. This helps to mix things up so my dogs will not sit and beg for food while I’m eating. If your dog is a pesky beggar, be strong and give it a try, then let me know how it works for you.

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