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December 1, 2009 by Kelley  
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Did you ever wish you had a younger sister you could play makeup with?  Or maybe a doll whose hair you could try out different hairstyles or colors?  What about your dog?  Yes you read that correctly, what about your dog.  Have you ever wondered what Fido would look like in say pink or green?

In China and the USA girls are taking their dogs and dressing them up.  When I say dressing them up I mean adding a

Pink Colored Miniture Poodle

bit of color and changing their hairstyle. Groomers are going well-beyond simply washing and trimming. Now packages can include painting your dog’s nails and dying their hair a myriad of different colors. A growing number of women are turning to pets to reduce the stresses they face in a fast-paced society. Check out the link below:,29307,1911484,00.html

We’ve always heard pets help to reduce the stress in your life, here is a new way of doing just that. You can pamper your pooch and reduce your stress. Pet salons/spas are becoming more popular, which means more people are treating themselves and their pets to some much needed rest and relaxation.

Do you see yourself getting de-stressed by dressing up your pet in the near future?

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