History of the Pit Bull Breed

October 13, 2010 by Kelley  
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Pit Bulls were once the favorite dog of the United States, think World War Two and The Little Rascals. This incredible video by Kenn Bell of the Dog Files shows that Pit Bulls are just dogs no more no less. The Pit Bull problem isn’t the dogs, by any means.

The pit bull problem is people.

The people that want to fight them. The people who want them so they feel tougher when they walk down the street. The people that keep them tied up in chains. The people who go about their days and weeks and months and years while ignoring the extremely social animal that’s locked up in their basement.

These are the irresponsible owners that should never own ANY dog. And these are the people that we should always have on our radar.

And the abused dogs?

Well, if the Vick case taught us anything, it’s that even fight dogs, when given a chance, would rather curl up on the couch next to it’s loving human.

And that says it all to me. Pit Bulls are dogs. Dogs are as individual as any human. And like humans, they shouldn’t be painted with a wide brush.

Unless that wide brush has peanut butter on it. I hear pit’s LOVE peanut butter.


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