12 Tips for Finding a Lost Dog

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Have you ever lost your dog? Losing your best friend can be a very scary experience and cause a lot of stress. This last weekend, while I was out walking my dogs a car driving by stopped. The driver asked me if I had seen his dog, and unfortunately, for the driver of the car I hadn’t. However, talking with this man did get me thinking. What have I done or not done to help make finding my dogs easier, just in case I ever lose them?

Here is a list of some ideas I’ve come up with to help locate my dogs should they ever go missing.

  1. Ask for help from family and friends – while you’re searching, have someone making phone calls and taking care of getting your pet’s information online.
  2. Keep a collar and ID Tag on your dog – I use PawTags.
  3. Microchip your dog and make sure you register your information.
  4. Keep an up-to-date digital photo of each pet you own – for flyers, Facebook, Twitter, Craig’s list, etc.
  5. Contact Pet Places – Visit or call local animal control agencies, shelters, veterinary offices, pet stores.
  6. Call the Police – officers are usually more than willing to take a flyer and keep an eye out.
  7. Issue a PetAmberAlert
  8. Check online at found pet sites such as HomeAgain, FidoFinder, TabbyTracker, and LostPetUSA, Oliver Alert on Facebook.
  9. If your local TV or radio stations make community announcements ask them for their help.
  10. While searching for your dog, have his/her favorite toy that makes noise or shake a treat bag. Use something that your dog will recognize and come running.
  11. If your dog is missing for more than a few hours make Flyers and post them everywhere and not just in your town. You never know if someone may have found your dog and wants to keep him/her.
  12. Place a sign on your front door or in your yard with a photo of the missing dog and phone number. People will often drive or walk around looking for a lost dogs home.

What steps have you taken to help locate your dog, in case he/she is ever lost? Do you have any other helpful suggestions?


  1. I have seen a documentary where they spent days looking for a dog lost in the woods. Then it finally came to them and they got a dog to look for their dog. Much more efficient way.

    Never send a human to do a dog’s job.

  2. Jana,

    That is a great idea! Have scent hound would be another great way to find a dog. Here’s a good read Welcome to the world of scent by Kenzo the Hovawart.


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