Petfinder Adopt the Internet!


March 15th is Petfinder’s 15th birthday. Petfinder has done a lot to improve the image of animals in shelters and is asking all bloggers (doesn’t matter what subject you blog about) to help spread the word about all the wonderful pets available for adoption on Petfinder. They’re asking bloggers to share one or more of […]

Santa Claus visits the dog shelter

If you’re thinking of getting a dog now or in the future I can’t recommend highly enough you go to your local shelter. Here is a great video perfect for the Holiday Season.

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

How do you feel about middle-aged black dogs? These dogs and certain others have a very difficult time getting adopted when they wind up in shelters. Other dogs that have a hard time finding homes include adult dogs, dogs with any type of health problem, as well as some specific breeds of dogs. Pet Finder […]