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  1. Dino Dogan
    July 17, 2010

    I love the idea of pressing upon folks the benefits of getting an adult dogs. Will be tweeting this :-)

    • Kelley
      July 18, 2010

      Thanks Dino, I think it is important to remember the older dogs also. Plus there are some awesome benefits to getting an older dog.

  2. Jodi R
    July 19, 2010

    I have adopted from rescues and highly recommend it to all of my friends. When I hear people talking about buying a puppy, I get up on my soapbox, state the case against puppy mills and pet stores. Then, if they still want to get a puppy, I continue to tell them how evil puppies can be (just kidding)! After all of my informative talk, if they still purchase a puppy, at least they are now educated in the process. :)

    • Kelley
      July 21, 2010


      It’s fantastic to hear you have adopted from rescues. All of the dogs I have ever owned have also come from rescues and like you I go out of my way to educated people about the advantages of adopting a dog from rescues.

  3. Laure-Anne (Canis bonus)
    November 13, 2010

    Hi Kelley

    I love this post. I think you’re touching on a very important subject: adult dogs often have undeservedly bad press and they need more advocates.

    I am not entirely sure about reduced vet bills, though, as the older the dog, the closer it is to the dreaded last years, with their truck load of old-age ailments. But you have a point about pups being quite “veterinarily” expensive.

    I think one of the biggest selling points that you make for most people is ‘less soiled carpet’ factor.

    On a personal basis, what always prompts me to get adult dogs is that they are the ones in the most urgent need of being adopted (from shelters), as pups will find a home sooner. And it’s articles like yours that contribute to mitigating this phenomenon.

    Some (all pawsitive!) comments about blogging technique and design:

    I loooooove a list post. Especially top 10’s. It’s very attractive as you know you won’t have to strain through really long sentences and endless monologues (my biggest writing sins).

    The design of your site is awesome too (that brown frame, the way the sidebar is arranged)

    I love that the paragraphs are short, and prefixed by a header. Breaks it down to manageable pieces.

    And WHAT IN THE WORLD is that dog in the first picture? I love it. Looks like a spotted Weimeraner!

    • Kelley
      November 14, 2010

      Laure-Anne thanks for your comment. Older dogs are great to adopt I have adopted older dogs in the past and recommend it. I have been lucky with the dogs I have adopted they haven’t had too many problems as they were aging. I always make sure to feed a high quality diet and I often supplement it with a hip and joint supplement if I notice any stiffness starting. Maybe that is why.

      I agree one of the biggest benefits for most people is “less soiled carpets.”

      I am not sure what breed the dog in the first picture is. I used stock photography for the picture but a spotted Weimeraner seems like a good pick.

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