How to Choose a Veterinary Hospital


How to Choose a Veterinary Hospital Do you have a new puppy/dog? Have you moved recently? One of the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner is choosing where to take your pet for medical care. A lot of people think that most veterinary hospitals are pretty much the same. They’re not! […]

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

How do you feel about middle-aged black dogs? These dogs and certain others have a very difficult time getting adopted when they wind up in shelters. Other dogs that have a hard time finding homes include adult dogs, dogs with any type of health problem, as well as some specific breeds of dogs. Pet Finder […]

How to choose the right dog?


How do you know what dog is right for you and your family? Dogs come in all different sizes, lengths of hair, and disposition. These are some of the traits to take into consideration when deciding on the best dog for you. Also consider why you are getting the dog: protection, companion or for the […]