Picking Out a Dog


People often ask me how I ended up with such great dogs. My usual answer is consistency; both my husband and I enact the same rules. For example: To prevent begging at the table neither of us feed our dogs (Sadie and Rusty) while we are eating at the dinner table. Still we often save […]

Walking Your Dog


Often the New Year inspires us to make a resolution that usually gets ignored by February. My personal favorite promise is to include more exercise in my daily schedule. I always start out with the best of intentions then before I know it, my willpower fails, my priorities change and somehow my resolution to get […]

Fido Factor

Stores are looking at every possible way to attract customers and now many are deciding that the quickest way to your wallet is through your pet. More and more places are becoming dog friendly in order to earn more business. Want to go out for a day of shopping or a night on the town […]

Atlanta Airport Has A Dog Park

Love to travel with your pet? Wish you had a place to let them play while waiting for flights? Your four legged companion now have a place to stretch their legs at Atlanta’s airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has a new 1,000 square foot fenced-in dog park which is part of the ground transportation center […]

Fostering a Puppy/Dog


Have you ever considered fostering a puppy/dog from a rescue or the local shelter? Puppy’s can be a lot of fun and they’re very loving and playful. Puppies will need playtime on the floor. You’ll want to spend time down in their world to make yourself more accessible and help socialize them. Plus they’ll want […]

Think About Fostering an Animal


Foster programs provide homes for thousands of adoptable animals every year throughout the county that could not be housed in a shelter or rescue due to space and resource limitations. Fostering is a great way to make a difference in the lives of each animal you take into you home and care for. My husband […]

Dogs see color


Did you know dogs can see color? Dogs see the colors blue, yellow and some shades of green. Dogs see these colors the same way a color-blind person sees. To keep your pet happy and healthy, it is important to stimulate all of your dog’s senses. Choosing play things intended to stimulate one or more […]

Dog Paws – Keep Them Safe


You wouldn’t want to chase a ball barefoot on hot asphalt, why would your pet? Sadie and Rusty love to play fetch.  I throw something for them to chase after and they’ll race after it at full speed. They don’t care where the chase will take them or over what terrain. All that matters is […]

10 Gifts for Dogs!

It’s the start of the holiday shopping season. The best time to start hunting for the perfect gift for your pup or yourself, or any dog lovers in your life. But let’s face it; it’s not easy shopping for the pooch that has everything. Rest easy my friends, I’ve put together this list of gifts […]

Getting woken up in the morning!

Do your dogs come and wake you up in the morning demanding to be fed or taken out for their morning walk? Sadie and Rusty started to think they should get fed before my alarm would go off in the morning.  Sadie would come over to where I was sleeping and put her face right […]

Teach Your Dog To Sit!

Every dog knows how to sit, the trick is getting them to sit on command. When I taught Sadie and Rusty to sit I was just reinforcing behavior they already do on their own. Before feeding the dogs their breakfast, I would conduct a ten minute training session. Why wait to feed them? Most dogs […]

Color my Dog

Pink Colored Miniture Poodle

Did you ever wish you had a younger sister you could play makeup with?  Or maybe a doll whose hair you could try out different hairstyles or colors?  What about your dog?  Yes you read that correctly, what about your dog.  Have you ever wondered what Fido would look like in say pink or green? […]