Roller Blading with Your Dog

Do you have items in your closest that you haven’t used in years? I have a personal rule: if I haven’t used something in the last five years, I either start using it or get rid of it. This year, as I was doing my spring-cleaning, I stumbled upon my roller blades sitting in the closet where they have been sitting for the last ten years or so. Maybe my rule was bent just a little. The time had come to make a decision – Do I take up roller-blading again or get rid of them.

I had just finished reading Cesar Millan’s book, “Cesar’s Way.” In the book Cesar talked about roller-blading with your dog to help burn off your dog’s excess energy. (By the way, it’s a great book if you haven’t read it yet.) I thought to myself, why not give it a try. So I took the roller-blades out, made sure there were no spiders living in them and went to the park to give it a try.

I will admit I am not the best at roller-blading, stopping can be problematic at times. However, I love it! I started off without having either dog on a leash. After all, I could barely keep from falling down without having a dog to worry about. Rusty being the dog he is, decided I could not discipline him while wearing wheels on my feet, and he decided to shine-me-on when I would ask him to do anything or call him.

Today, I put the leash on Rusty. It was a little awkward at first, but we did just fine. Amazingly enough, I didn’t even crash.  If  you are thinking of getting roller blades make sure to get a higher quality skate. When I first started I went to Wal-Mart and bought the cheapest skate they had. I ended up almost falling every time I would hit a stick, rock or anything on the road . I borrowed a friends K2’s and found how easy it was to skate when you have a good pair of skates. I know own my own K2’s and love em.  Buy your skates now and start roller-blading with your dog.  Here is a list of several different K2’s you will want to consider.

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