Pet Emergency Travel Kit

This past year we have seen several different types of man made emergency’s as well as natural disasters. These emergency’s had me thinking, if a natural disaster hit here in Chico, would I be prepared? The answer was a resounding no, so I decided to make a pet emergency travel kit. Here is a list […]

Wordless Wednesday


Morgan, one of my clients dogs, enjoying the morning breeze while playing with the Rumble Ring.

Pet Gates


Do you have a puppy? If so you have probably had few things chewed up and maybe a piddle or two to clean up when you get home. One way to help control what gets chewed up and where you will find the next piddle puddle is to use a pet gate to confine your […]

7 Activities For Senior Dogs

Old Dog Sitting

  As dogs age it becomes difficult for them to do some of the activities you both may have enjoyed when your dog was younger. For example, running alongside you while you’re riding your bike or jumping up into the back of your pickup truck. However, just because your pooch is experiencing their golden years […]