Dog Pack Snacks – Review


I love Dog Pack Snacks! Dog Pack Snacks provide a high quality dog treat with a high protein, low fat content. They are great for dogs who are a little over weight. Dog Pack Snacks are made with human grade, 100% natural, organic foods. Watch my video review: When you order your treats they will […]

Barksters from Loving Pets Review

Rusty really wants the Barkster Dog Treat!

Many of you know I love the Loving Pets treats and supplies. When I was offered the chance to review all three flavors of their Barksters line of treats I said yes without hesitation. It is always nice to find worry-free treats I can give Rusty and Sadie; Especially treats that they love to eat. […]

Loving Pets Vegitopia Apple Treats Review

Loving Pets is a pet store offering many quality treats and supplies. When I was offered the chance to review their Sliced Apple treats from their Vegitopia line I didn’t hesitate to say yes. It was a great opportunity to put their all natural treats to the Rusty and Sadie test. One of the things […]

Training a dog who doesn’t care about food


Have you ever tried to train a dog who doesn’t care about food? Some of you might be saying, “What? No way! All dogs are motivated by food.” Well my friends this is simply not so, it’s rare, but sometimes a dog is more easily motivated by other means such as encouraging words and petting. […]

Win a $20 Gift Certificate, Courtesy of All Dogs Big and Small

All Dogs Big and Small sells organic dog treats, natural dog shampoos, holistic health care alternatives and Eco-friendly dog fashions. Stop wasting your valuable time hunting through hundreds of Internet websites or worse risking your sanity in those enormous pet stores. If you want to purchase the healthiest dog treats, or can’t wait to dress […]