ShedMonster De-shedding Tool Review

It’s the time of the year when it gets hot outside and our dogs start to shed like crazy. In the past, I have used dog brushes and a few combs to try and combat the shedding, however none of them seemed to work out all that great. Sadie is constantly shedding and she sheds even more this time of the year. Every time I finish sweeping the house I swear I’m looking down at The Adam’s Family’s Cousin It.

When ShedMonster asked me if I would like the opportunity to try out their de-shedding tool, I was more than happy to oblige. I have heard of de-shedding tools in the past, but had never tried one out before.

I found the ShedMonster, which is specifically designed for long haired dogs to be an amazing tool. In just a few short minutes of using the ShedMonster de-shedding tool, I was surrounded by hair. It was blowing in the wind and creating little tumbleweeds on my backyard patio. The hair just kept coming out. I didn’t realize how much hair Sadie had. The best part though came later because, using the ShedMonster really helped to reduce the amount of hair I had to sweep up in the house later that week.

Sadie does not appreciate being brushed at all. However, she decided she could tolerate the ShedMonster de-shedding tool. It did not pull her hair and still managed to penetrate deeply into her undercoat, moving through the outer layers and extracting the hair smoothly. She did not yelp or turn to growl at the tool once. This was surprising because usually Sadie gets a bit snippy after even just a few short minutes of grooming. Of course as with any brush you still want to avoid using the tool around sensitive areas like the face, groin, or feet.

The ShedMonster comes in two options: One for long hair and one for short hair.

Sadie and I love the ShedMonster and recommend it to anyone who has a dog that sheds like crazy. Order the ShedMonster and find out how easy it can be to brush your dog.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary ShedMonster for this review; I was not paid for my review and all statements and opinions are my own.


  1. Kelley, have you used the FURminator? I’m curious how this tool compares to that one.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I have never used the FURminator. It would be interesting to see how it compares. I did really like the ShedMonster for Sadie though.

  3. Having used both shedmonster and furminator on my Golden R.—

    the shedmonster gets out more, faster, and with less pulling than the furminator. Will vouch for the piles and piles of hair coming out. Never saw as much with the furminator, nor as obvious a reduction in the “mass” of the coat. Now lays much more smoothly on the body.

    I now use shedmonster for most main body, and the furminator only for the really short hair on lower legs, head and muzzel.

    neither works will on the tail, tho’ the shedmonster does a fairly good job on the feathers.

    Be advised — the shedmonster DOES shorten the overall length of the hair and will make the feathers noticeably shorter. So, if looking for fully feathered look, do not use on them.

    Care should also be taken to clean the shedmonster fairly regularly of the dead oil skin/dandruff that will accumulate between the blades. The first time you use it on the dog before bathing, expect to do this about every 15-20 min.

  4. ps — the only problem I had…..

    Miss Penne liked it so much she laid down on her side and pretty much went to sleep as I used it.

  5. Thanks for the information regarding the Furminator vs the ShedMonster. I rinse my ShedMonster off each time I use it, great advice on cleaning it.

  6. I can relate to them relaxing while you use the ShedMonster. Sadie, who hates to get brushed actually laid down and had no problem with me brushing her either. I find it easier to brush her when she is standing but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to her. Rusty loves getting baths and any grooming in general so he’ll stand there as long as I’m willing to brush him.

  7. sandy gomora says:

    I know what shes talking about my 3 pekingnese hated to be brushed with the furminator but I bought this and you just can’t imagine how easy it was for me to brush them all. They laid their and rolled over so I could do their belly’s never happened with the furminator tried to snip at tool and would run away I also brush in the back yard and the amount of fur in just a few minutes with each was just amazing. maybe after a few weeks I’ll be able to let them back in the house once in awhile yeah for this amazing tool

  8. Sandy,

    Your Pekingese seem to love it now, they sound so cute. It’s amazing how well dogs seem to love the ShedMonster I know both of mine do.

  9. As Cheyenne, our 3/4 Wolf 1/4 Husky approaches her 12th B-day in November, the only question my wife, Sue and I have is….why the heck wasn’t Shed Monster around 12 years ago?!!!! Until Shed Monster, Cheyenne was very relctant to come to us every time we attempted to brush her. It got to where we only tried twice a month at most. Now, not only is the shedding process so much easier for Sue, me, and Cheyenne, our beautiful Black Wolf eagerly comes wagging her tail when she’s called for her every day brushing! Thanks Shed Monster!!!

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