Hummingbird OT

On Saturday my husband and I were enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home. We were in the kitchen when we saw a green hummingbird fly up. We both love animals so I pointed the hummingbird out to my husband and was telling him how cute the bird was. Then suddenly smack! It flew right into our glass sliding door!

Making certain the dogs did not follow us out the door, we went outside to check on it. We found that the tiny bird was still alive, but it was not able to fly and appeared hurt.

My husband picked up the little bird while I grabbed a small cardboard box to put her in. We put the little hummingbird into the box. We put the box up off the ground where she would be safe from the neighborhood cats.

We called the local wildlife animal rescue. The woman (Sandy) who answered the phone told us to make up hummingbird feeder food. The recipe Sandy gave us called for 1 half cup water, 1 half teaspoon of white table sugar, and a few grains of white table salt. She said the homemade recipe is better than buying it at the store because there’s no red dye, which is harmful to hummingbirds.

After getting off the phone we made the mixture and went back outside to feed the little hummingbird. We were very happy when we discovered an empty box. The hummingbird had regained it’s composure and had flown away.

Sandy told us is to avoid this from happening again, put a picture on our glass sliding door so the hummingbird will not fly into it again. She said that if there is a reflection on a window they don’t understand it’s not more of the outside world. The picture however would deter any desire to go that direction. Especially if the picture depicts a hawk.

If you have a glass sliding door or window that could be a hazard try adding a window decal.


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