Holiday Gift Guide – Treats Your Dog Will Beg For


It’s that time of year when you are looking for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Here are a few of my favorite dog  treats.

Bones are a good way for your dog to get both physical and mental stimulation, they also help clean your dog’s gums and teeth. Scott River Ranch has 100% Organic bones from grass-fed cows. Make sure when you offer your dog a bone that the bone has not been cooked and that you supervise your dog while he/she is happily chewing away. Read my full review.

Rusty really wants the Barkster Dog Treat!

Barkster (read my full review here) are an incredible dog treat made with no additives or preservatives, 100% manufactured in the United States and are low-fat. Barksters come in three flavors: Sweet Potato and Chicken, Brown Rice and Beef and Alfalfa and Liver.

Vegitopia. These treats come in five flavors Apple, Banana, Carrot, Sweet Potato and Pineapple. Try all five flavors and let your pooch decide which is their favorite. Read my full review.

Elk Antler! They do not splinter or break, they’re renewable and they’re actually healthy for your dog. Elk Antler have been found to have regenerative effects on joint cartilage and joint fluid. Read my full review.


Stella & Chewy’s Carnivore Kisses: Stella & Chewy’s products are 100% made in the U.S.A, naturally raised meat, poultry or fish, sourced from USDA-inspected facilities, without added hormones or antibiotics.


Liver Biscotti: No preservatives, 100% natural, made in the U.S.A and the perfect size for training.


  1. Now I have lots of ideas for what to buy as a christmas present for my friends’ dogs. Elk antlers certainly look different. Not come across them before as a dog treat. Definitely make a change from doggie chocolate or chews.

  2. Elk antlers are also much healthier =) Happy I could help you with some good ideas! Happy Holidays.