Dog Swimming Pools

Yesterday I talked about getting a Kiddie pool for your dog. Today, I am going to cover reasons why you may want to buy an actual dog pool.

The difference between dog swimming pools and kiddie pools.

Dog swimming pools are more durable, they are more capable of withstanding the high activity level of dogs, as well as their sometimes sharp nails and teeth.

Dog pools come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of different breeds of dogs, and are made with features that enhance their usability, including sloping sides and ramps, continuous water flow, sprinklers, and more.

It’s all in the Materials.

Dogs can have sharp nails and can play rougher in a pool than your average toddler. Therefore, it’s important to ensure the materials that your dog pool is made of will withstand the activity level of your dog, that way it can be enjoyed by your pooch for a long time.

Durability is a key feature to consider when choosing  dog swimming pools most pools are made from heavy-weight vinyl, plastic, or metal. High quality dog pools will also have UV protection coatings to withstand the rays of the sun on an everyday basis.

Important features to consider when choosing dog pools.

In addition to durability, you should also consider the shape/style of your dog pool. Choose a pool that fits your dog’s energy level. It is important to choose a pool that will be a balance of durability and still provide enough space for them to accommodate their needs.

Do you want your dog to splash around or just lay down for a cooling soak? Or would you prefer a pool that is deep enough to accommodate full-blown doggie-paddling?

These are the types of questions to ask yourself before settling on any one dog pool.

Why Purchase a Commercial Dog Pool?

Dog pools come in various sizes for different size dogs and vary based on the ease of entry and exit for any pooch desiring a pleasant swim. Some pools come with a ramp or are designed with a sloping side making it easier for your dog to get in/out.

Have you ever tried to empty a Kiddie pool? If so you know how heavy they become once they are full of water. Decent dog swimming pools will be equipped with a drain making it easier to empty.

Plus many commercial dog pools are easier to store during the winter months and will last a long time. This durability may save you money in the long run, especially since you can avoid replacing cheaper less-durable pools every year.

Purchase a dog swimming pool for your dog today!


  1. There’s definitely nothing like a good romp in the pool on a hot day. My Golden Retriever would go into mourning if we no longer had a pool. Good post!

  2. Carrie, I agree Sadie and Rusty wouldn’t know what to do without having a pool to play in. They love to just stand in it sometimes to cool off their paws.

  3. Christian roncketti says

    You mention algae and I had heard that could kill a dog. I was wondering how long before the water should be changed to prevent that. You mention two weeks but is that to prevent algae?

  4. Hi Christian,

    Yes, that is to prevent algae although it does depend on your climate to a certain extend too. If you change it more often there will be a much lower likely hood of algae forming.

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