Memorial Day – Remembering Our Canine Heroes

Memorial day is a time to thank all military personnel past and present for their sacrifices. However, there are some heroes who get little or no recognition. These unsung heroes save lives, help protect our borders, and fight crime every day without asking for anything in return. They locate bombs, find drugs, take down criminals, help the disabled, and search for missing children. This memorial day remember all of our heroes, even our canine ones. They may be hairy, have four legs and bark, but they are still heroes. Let’s remember the dogs which help keep our country safe.

If you would like to read stories about our canine heros, The United States War Dogs Association honors these veterans by telling their stories:

Here is a list of sites that help our Veterans by providing them with dogs:

and Hero Dogs

America’s VetDogs

Patriot Paws

and there are organizations which help our retired military dogs find forever homes.

Lets remember the canine heroes who have served with our military men and women keeping them safe this Memorial day. Lets also thank the various organizations which work hard to help our veterans weather they have two legs or four.

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