I love yoga. However, I always feel just a little guilty when I leave my dogs behind. That is why when I heard of Doga I though it was a great idea. Doga is becoming a popular practice for many dogs and dog owners. What better way to practice yoga than with your dog? From […]

Acupuncture for Dogs

Does your dog suffer from pain? Does he/she have difficulty moving? Acupuncture may be the answer! Acupuncture was first recorded as being used on an elephant over 3,500 years ago. According to the story, the elephant had a stomach disorder similar to bloating. Since then acupuncture has been used to treat a variety of animal […]

Dog Massage


Everyone needs a massage from time to time, including your dog. If you’ve ever had a massage you know how much better you feel afterward. Massage is a gentle, non-invasive therapy that can relieve pain and stress. Whether your dog is a companion pet, agility dog, show dog, or service dog, dog massage is a […]

6 Tips for Picking out Dog Shampoo


It is vital to take good care of our dogs grooming needs. However, with the vast array of shampoos available it can be hard to decide which shampoo to buy. You need to keep several things in mind when picking out a shampoo to use on your dog. Make sure the shampoo is formulated for […]

Don’t Forget You!


My dogs are my kids, yes I know they’re not four legged humans covered with hair, but I still call them my kids. I make sure they have the best of everything. I spend hours researching everything from the dog food I feed them, to the beds they sleep on at night. I learned the […]

Health Benefits of Owning a Dog


Health Benefits of Owning a Dog A dog is certainly a great friend. After a difficult day, dog owners quite literally feel the love. As a dog owner you’re always greeted at the door when you come home. You never come home to an empty house. Kids who own dogs are much less likely to […]

Roller Blading with Your Dog


Do you have items in your closest that you haven’t used in years? I have a personal rule: if I haven’t used something in the last five years, I either start using it or get rid of it. This year, as I was doing my spring-cleaning, I stumbled upon my roller blades sitting in the […]

5 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog


I love getting outside with my dogs. We get exercise and a sense of freedom, escaping from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In fact, one of the best things about being a dog owner is the ability to bring your best friend with you. After all, most cats are very reluctant to […]

Fat Dogs

Do you have a pudgy pooch? Do you have to carry your dog when going for a walk? Does your dog have a hard time breathing going from one room in the house to another? Are you questioning if your dog has bones? If you answered yes to any of the previous statements then you […]

Dog Grooming – Brushing Your Dog

If you knew of a way to improve you and your dog’s lives in just five minutes a day would you do it? Well, you should. Just spending five minutes a day grooming your dog you can reduce the amount of matted hair your dog will have, improve your relationship with your dog, and create […]

Arthritis in Dogs

Old Dog Sitting

Arthritis is one of the most common afflictions for dogs; it affects one in five dogs in the United States. Arthritis is a debilitating condition which causes inflammation and pain in a dog’s joints, and usually affects elbows, hips, shoulders, back and neck. It can affect one or more joints and is often present in both […]

Treatment for Obese Dogs

If your dog needs to lose weight, or you just want to maintain his healthy weight, you may want to work with your vet to develop a weight management program. Your program will consist mainly of a structured diet and an exercise plan. When I was working with my dog, Sadie, to lose weight, I […]

Health Risks for Overweight Dogs

Fat Dog

Overweight dogs can experience a myriad of medical problems, which could be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight. These health problems can drastically shorten your dogs life. Here is a list of some health problems related to canine obesity: Breathing Problems Respiratory difficulties due to excess fat around the muscles of the heart rob the […]

8 Reasons Your Dog is Fat

Fat Dog

According to most veterinarians, between 25 and 40 percent of dogs are overweight. However, only 5% of owners think their dogs are overweight. It’s important to remember that a five pound weight gain on your dog is different than a five pound weight gain on you. For example, if you take a dog weighing 50 […]

Signs of an Overweight Dog


Do you know if your dog is overweight? Many of today’s dogs are overweight or obese. When determining if your dog is overweight take into account your dogs breed, age, and size. Most veterinarians use a 9-point scoring system to evaluate the body condition of your dog. A 1 means your dog is grossly underweight while a score of a 9 shows your dog is extremely overweight. The ideal score is a 5, which is just right.