Critter’s Inflatable life jacket’s

I have some exciting news, all Critter’s Inflatable dog life jacket’s are now on sale for the very low price of just $99.99. You can read and watch my video review of these unique and wonderful canine life vests at  Critter’s Inflatable Dog Life Vest Review. Keep your dog safe whenever you venture near potentially treacherous water.  For the incredibly low price of just $99.99 you can protect your four-legged friend from the risk of an accidental drowning. Whether you’re fishing, boating, or hiking near white water rapids you will be able to both have fun and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your dog has the very best emergency floatation device in the world.


  1. Eric McCormick says:

    These are now clearanced at $60

  2. That is an incredible deal, thank you for the update.

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