Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities recently published an article listing the Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities the following cities were listed: 1. Portland, OR 2.  Colorado Springs, CO 3.  Rocky Mount, NC 4.  Boulder, CO 5.  Santa Cruz, CA 6.  Eugene, OR 7.  Asheville, NC 8.  Albuquerque, NM 9.  Nashville, TN 10.  Louisville, KY Have you been to any […]

History of the Pit Bull Breed

Pit Bulls were once the favorite dog of the United States, think World War Two and The Little Rascals. This incredible video by Kenn Bell of the Dog Files shows that Pit Bulls are just dogs no more no less. The Pit Bull problem isn’t the dogs, by any means. The pit bull problem is people. The people […]

Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet

How do you feel about middle-aged black dogs? These dogs and certain others have a very difficult time getting adopted when they wind up in shelters. Other dogs that have a hard time finding homes include adult dogs, dogs with any type of health problem, as well as some specific breeds of dogs. Pet Finder […]

Annual Chico Elk’s Lodge Dog Parade

Dominic and Lilly after the Parade

This weekend I went to the 2nd Annual Chico Elk’s Lodge Dog Parade. This event is held every year to raise money for North Valley Animal Disaster Group and Habitat For Humanity. There was a dog parade, look-a-like contest, Cutest Dog (how do you judge that?) Best Kisser, Prettiest Female, Handsomest Male to name a […]

Disney World’s Luxury Pet Resort

Planning a trip to Disney World? Most of us love to take our dog with us where ever we go. Now you can take your dog with you when you plan a visit to Disney World. Disney World has a first rate Pet resort where you’re dog will be pampered while you’re out having fun.

9/11- Honoring the Hero Dogs

This incredible video put together by Kenn Bell of helps us to remember the dogs which help keep our country safe. Many developed paw and respiratory injures, but they continued their work anyway. They are the reason survivors were found and peace was given to families when their loved ones did not survive.

AAFCO Admits to Euthanized Pets in Pet Food

AAFCO president admits dead/rendered animal remains from euthanized pets are used in making pet food. AAFCO is short for The Association of American Feed Control. They are the regulatory group responsible for regulating pet food. AAFCO could easily ban the use of rendered pets as something allowed into our dog’s food, but they don’t. This […]

Want a Date? Take Your Dog!

The Romantic Benefits of Dogs! Are you tired of being single? Dogs are great for making love connections. Forget Internet matchmaking – a dog is a natural conversation starter, and people with dogs are more likely to get out and about. Own a dog and you’re likely to meet other people like you, people who […]

Dog Attack – What to do!

Every day in the news you read about people being bitten by a dog. Have you ever thought about what you would do if confronted by a dog ready to bite you? Here is a video that goes over how to react if you are attacked by a dog.

Take Your Dog To Work Day

This Friday is Take Your Dog to Work Day. Have you been considering taking your dog to work with you this Friday? Here is a video that will give you a few hints and suggestions to take into consideration before you decide to take your dog with you.

Pet Rules

I saw this as an email a friend sent to me. I thought it was worth sharing. Have a good weekend and enjoy! Pet Rules To be posted VERY LOW on the refrigerator door – nose height. Dear Dogs and Cats, The dishes with the paw print are yours and contain your food. The other […]

Rusty Howling at the Ice Cream Truck

In this video, you can see my dog Rusty howling at the sound of the ice cream truck that frequents our neighborhood. This is the only time he ever does this. I think it’s hilarious. You can just barely hear the ice cream truck’s music as Rusty howls. He’s such a moody pup.

Memorial Day – Remembering Our Canine Heroes


Memorial day is a time to thank all military personnel past and present for their sacrifices. However, there are some heroes who get little or no recognition. These unsung heroes save lives, help protect our borders, and fight crime every day without asking for anything in return. They locate bombs, find drugs, take down criminals, […]

Scuba Diving Dog

Merlin, a black lab, enjoys diving for rocks. While I do not recommend dogs chewing or biting on rocks because it is hard on their teeth, I had to video Merlin. Merlin dives into the water where all you can see at times is his tail.

Mutter’s Day Stroll

Every year the Butte Humane Society puts on The Mutter’s Day Stroll. This year I participated by walking with Rusty, my husband Chris walked Sadie. We adopted both Sadie and Rusty from the Butte Humane Society and are strong advocates of rescuing dog’s from humane societies, rescues, etc. One of the best things about participating […]